TrueDepth Camera in New iPhones Adapted for 3D Modeling

The developers at Standard Cyborg, founded by Jeff Hubert and Garrett Spiegel, have released the Capture app for iPhone X, XR, XS, and XS Max. With its help, 3D modeling will be available to anyone interested, without requiring any specific skills or knowledge in this field, or even a specialized set of tools. All you need to master this art form is a smartphone that supports the TrueDepth system and a laser projector.

TrueDepth Camera in New iPhones Adapted for 3D Modeling. Photo.

To create a three-dimensional model of anything, Capture uses the same smartphone camera that is responsible for depth recognition when recognizing faces. It reads the object of the material world by projecting a “cloud” of laser points onto it to accurately convey not only its silhouette and dimensions, but also all kinds of protrusions and irregularities on its surface. The resulting model can be translated into augmented reality and combined with everyday reality.

The TrueDepth camera in the new iPhones is adapted for 3D modeling. Photo.

Why is it needed

The scanned 3D image can be transferred in the .usdz format through a messenger or sent to a computer program for further processing. The developers themselves consider their creation a grandiose discovery that can forever change the methodology of creating 3D models. Capture eliminates the significance of high-performance machines used for modeling by forming an image of an object in a matter of seconds with just three lines of code.

Despite the promising idea of Capture, at this stage of its development, the accuracy with which the application scans objects leaves much to be desired. Often, it takes too much time for it to determine the shape, but even then, there are cases when the application fails to correctly interpret the object, resulting in “holes” and leaving empty space where the surface of the scanned item should be.

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Title: Capture: 3D Scan Anything
Publisher/Developer: Standard Cyborg
Price: Free
In-app purchases: none
Compatibility: Universal app
Link: Install

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