Transparent Smartphone – ZUK Demonstrates Prototype in Action

The subsidiary of Lenovo has already released its firstborn – the ZUK Z1 device. Now, it is intriguing the public with plans to implement the concept of a fully transparent communicator. Something called a working prototype was demonstrated to journalists the other day.

Zuk, transparent smartphone

ZUK refrained from direct comments regarding the functioning principles of the gadget, and its technical specifications also remain a mystery. None of the specialists were allowed to hold the unnamed device in their hands, being offered to be satisfied with the demonstration of the prepared program.

It included the imitation of basic functionality of a mid-range smartphone – support for telephony, music playback, image display, and the quality of the image and sound turned out to be excellent.

Zuk transparent smartphone

With a semi-transparent screen, through which inscriptions on the background can be seen, the prototype can change the contrast and brightness of the displayed image, gradually losing transparency as needed.

Among the useful features is working with applications like a compass or voice recorder – the details of the processes led specialists to think about using a customized version of the Android OS. However, many were confused by the fact that the presentation was conducted by automation, performing a looped sequence of actions – it is not possible to evaluate the interface of the novelty even in the hands of a ZUK employee.

Zuk, transparent smartphone

With the lack of information about the whereabouts of the smartphone’s electronic components, there is a reasonable suspicion of clever manipulation of facts. The screen plate is firmly attached to a solid stand base – could all the computational power be hidden there? If so, then ZUK simply created their version of a “blurry glass” display, not an innovative communicator. We’ll wait for more details about the mysterious prototype.

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