Tim Cook – “Leader of the Year” according to CNN

The head of Apple was deemed the most deserving among other candidates nominated in the categories of “economy, business, and finance”. In addition, CNN did not hesitate to emphasize that Cook has also proven himself in another sphere – thanks to his candid admissions and political activism.

Mark Zuckerberg got into a squabble with Tim Cook

2014 was a turning point in the assessment of Tim Cook’s position and his role in what is happening with Apple – the top manager finally managed to emerge from Jobs’ shadow in the eyes of critics. Or maybe the evil tongues could no longer blacken the real and ignore the obvious, downplaying the merits of the elderly but energetic top manager. The positive, even stunning changes that happened to the apple corporation throughout the year bear the unmistakable imprint of Cook’s business approach, his management style.

Apple Watch, phablets, surpassing the $100 per share mark, launching the Apple Pay service – each specific success of the brand in the past year has its “parents”, a separate team deserving of a corresponding level of recognition. Tim Cook is not entitled to claim credit for it, but he was also evaluated by the CNN committee not for the successes of his subordinates. It was for not letting them fight, taking over the burden of financing, getting involved in inherently risky projects, falling into depression, and giving up due to the schemes of competitors and their own failures in certain areas. Scandals, to be honest, were plentiful, but in the end, none of them turned into a full-blown catastrophe, even though it was within reach at times. The manager has earned recognition for his professional qualities – but not only for that.

Tim Cook

While managing the business, by the way, the most expensive company in the world, Tim Cook has not forgotten about his mission to bring tolerance and equality to the business masses. Formally, this has nothing to do with the nomination for the person of the year in the economic sphere, but there is an important nuance. The restructuring of the management team at Apple, the appearance of three female managers in it, and the resulting changes in the company’s work are a direct consequence of Cook’s philosophy, which he emphasizes in every way. Including in dialogue with the authorities, the inhabitants of Capitol Hill and their colleagues abroad, primarily in China. Representatives of Silicon Valley really went too far with bills and bold initiatives in their portfolios in 2014, and Tim is rightly called the one who paves the way for them.

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