Review of Yoink for Mac – a clipboard application that solves many problems

Starting with OS X El Captain, developers from Cupertino have improved working with desktops, making it even more convenient to use applications in full screen. There is only one thing that is uncomfortable – moving files by drag-and-drop between desktops. Yoink, an excellent utility, can solve this problem.

Yoink - convenient clipboard for Mac

Yoink is another clipboard, of which there are plenty in the Mac App Store. But the thing is, there is no clear favorite that satisfies the tastes of most users, and that’s why reviews like this are more relevant than ever.

The Yoink utility can be described in three words: lightweight, compact, and highly customizable. Definitely positive qualities for any program.

Immediately after installing Yoink, simply hover the cursor over any file (group of files), text fragment, or link, and a platform will appear in the left center of the screen where they can be moved.

By the way, the appearance of the “pocket” can be configured in three ways (changed in the program settings):

1. At the start of cursor movement with movable content.
2. When the cursor with movable content approaches the edge of the screen.
3. In the direction of cursor movement with movable content.

Of course, there is no physical movement, only the information about the location of the files is being copied, so the RAM, which, as we know, is never enough on a Mac, is not overloaded.

After that, we surf through the desired workspaces and then move the files to the desired location.

After these actions, there is a physical movement of the files, as if you pressed the “⌘Cmd + C” and “⌘Cmd + V” key combination, but in a more visual format, and the macOS clipboard can be used for other purposes.

Yoink behaves like Finder:

– To forcefully copy a file, hold down the Option (⌥) key on the keyboard during the entire drag and drop operation.
– To forcefully move a file, hold down the Command (⌘) key on the keyboard during the entire drag and drop operation.

Thus, thanks to Yoink, you can avoid unnecessary actions when, for example, you grab files with the mouse and at the same time start performing pirouettes with swipes on the touchpad to move to the desired location. And when there is no mouse and all actions are performed only using the touchpad, it is not only terribly inconvenient but also looks very funny.

This is not the end of Yoink’s functionality. Files can be pinned to the panel, and then they will not be subject to cleaning (a special button that clears the entire dock), and you can manipulate them at any time.

Another convenient option is file separation. If you add multiple files to Yoink, they will be displayed as a group, but when you press a special button, the group will break up, and all files will be available as a list.

In the settings, you can customize the size and position of the panel, as well as alternative display options.

Yoink — convenient clipboard for Mac

Yoink — convenient clipboard for Mac

Of course, the developers didn’t forget about exceptions.

Yoink — convenient clipboard for Mac

You can identify files in the Yoink clipboard by their icons or by using QuickLook (full-screen quick preview).

In addition, Yoink allows you to transfer files between iPhone, iPad, and Mac.

Yoink for Mac Review - Clipboard App

To do this, you need to install the mobile version of the program (link).

Yoink is very gentle on system resources, works instantly, without any lag or other complaints.

Otherwise, the utility is good and will definitely find its user audience.

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