BenQ Joybee GP3 Projector with iPhone Support

The company BenQ has introduced a miniature projector that also doubles as an iPhone dock, allowing for clear images of almost two meters in complete darkness.

BenQ Joybee GP3 Projector

The device, called the BenQ Joybee GP3, is not inferior in image quality to its bulky competitors, despite its compact size. It is also much easier to maintain, set up, and transport. The portable projector is equipped with an additional battery, allowing it to be used in places without electricity.

BenQ Joybee GP3 Projector

The developers have tried to combine maximum capabilities in a compact case. The projector serves as a dock for iPhone, iPod Nano, iPod Touch and iPod Classic devices equipped with a standard 30-pin connector, so the accessory is not suitable for the latest Apple devices that have been equipped with a 9-pin Lightning connector since 2012.
For convenience and safety of the connected device, the connector on the dock is recessed into the case. Additionally, when the projector is not being used with a player or smartphone, the connector is covered with a decorative cover.

According to the creators, the projector is capable not only of playing photos and videos from connected devices, but also of acting as an acoustic system. Thus, in standby mode, the accessory is able to output sound through built-in speakers, but considering the size of the docking station, the sound is not very loud.

One of the advantages of a portable projector is that it is compatible not only with Apple devices. The gadget is equipped with slots for SD cards and USB drives, as well as its own built-in memory.
BenQ Joybee GP3 ProjectorThe creators note that Joybee GP3 is compatible with almost any external signal source. You can transmit the image to the projector using an HDMI or VGA cable, as well as using the USB Display function or Wi-Fi Display wireless access technology. The Wi-Fi module is included, and adapters will need to be used for cable connections. The projector can be used with almost any video player, whether it’s a DVD, Blu-ray, or VHS videocassette recorder.
BenQ Joybee GP3 ProjectorIt is worth noting that the quality of the projected image and the level of contrast are no worse than the projectors used in cinemas. The image is made as clear as possible by the resolution of 1280 x 800 pixels, which BenQ Joybee GP3 provides.

Developers note that the new product outperforms competitors in all parameters, as it is the only device in the price category up to 20000 rubles that combines such a large set of features. The key difference of the development is the ability to connect gadgets from Apple, which none of the analogues have.

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