Apple Blocks Telegram Update Worldwide

Apple has been blocking updated versions of the Telegram app on the App Store for the past two months, according to the messenger’s representatives on their official website.

Apple Blocks Telegram Update Worldwide. Photo.

According to Telegram, Apple has been blocking the app update worldwide since mid-April. The messenger does not disclose the reasons for this decision. However, it was on April 16th when Roskomnadzor started blocking Telegram in Russia. It is unclear why this would affect the app update on the App Store in other countries.

On May 28, Roskomnadzor sent a letter to Apple requesting the removal of the Telegram app from the App Store in Russia. In addition, Roskomnadzor wants to restrict the sending of push notifications in Telegram for users in Russia. However, technically it is impossible to disable push notifications for one app, so it will have to be done for all apps in the App Store.

After the ban on Telegram in the territory of the Russian Federation, users of the messenger started bypassing the blockade using proxy bots, which automatically filled in the IP address, port, as well as the login and password.

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